Corporate Profile

Our Corporate philosophy

Our technology is made by you.
We are not just making products, we listen.
We would like our customers to be pleased.
The most important thing is our flexibility to respond to customers’ requests.
We will use all of our technical capabilities but keep humane approach,
as we recognize that technology can not be separated from human nature.
The system of products and services that we created goes into 3 directions.
It is beneficial for our partners, clients and society as a whole.
Maintaining such business model is making us proud and is the very heart of our corporate philosophy.

■ Corporate profile

Company name Daiichi Denshi Inc.
Capital 10 million yen
Annual sales 461.41 million Yen (2018)
President Toru Nakakoji
Number of employees 20
Address 820 Yodomizutare-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi,Kyoto,Japan
Contact Tel.+81-75-632-0348

■ History

July 1966 Our Founder · Akira Nakakoji started Kaga Electric, production of automatic control panel
June 1983 Establishment of Daiichi Denshi ,Inc.
in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto Prefecture
June 1984 Company expanded its capabilities to engineering and full manufacturing of automated machines.
June 1993 Moved to Kyoto city area (present location).
April 2005 Toru Nakakoji became the president (present).
July 2009 Start of development, manufacturing and maintenance of coffee roaster.
June 2011 Established a Hong Kong Daiichi Electronics Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong.
August 2012 Introduced “NOVO MARKⅡ” manufacture and sales of automatic coffee roasters.
July 2016 Tokyo branch office opened in Ginza, becoming our sales and research base.
October 2016 Introduced “NOVO MARKⅡ-cacao custom-” manufacture and sales for Japanese market.
September 2017 Tokyo branch office moved from Ginza to Shibuya (present).
October 2017 Introduced cacao automatic roaster at Paris ‘Salon du Chocolat’, making it available for European markets.
June 2018 Coffee automatic roaster introduced at Specialty Coffee Association exhibition, entering European market.
April 2019 Coffee automatic roaster introduced at Specialty Coffee Association America’s exhibition, entering American market.


Business is similar to life.
You want it to last long and enjoy it.


Toru Nakakoji

Those days when our customers are pleased represent our wealth and make us proud.
It is better to take small steps and last long, than to gamble and fail.
The crowd that keeps coming to your place is gradually increasing,
creating a true coffee nation.
NOVO MARK Ⅱ has been introduced to hundreds of shops all over Japan and are expanding rapidly throughout Asia. We are getting ready to make a big step into European markets.
You have a chance to embrace this trend among first in your area.
Our coffee roaster NOVO MARK Ⅱ might be just the right ingredient for adding true value both to your business and your life.