Controller: Touch panel
Basic colors: Pure white
Roasting batch/time: 100g-1kg / 5 to 10 minutes
Roasting capacity: 6kg / hour
Cooling method: Induced draft cooling (2 minutes)
Dimensions: Width:635mm × Depth:635mm × Height:1950mm
Weight: 210kg
Power consumption: 6kW
Power source: Electricity
Outlet/Voltage: 3 phases /1phase ,200V, 50 / 60Hz
Charged option(designers version)
Spot lights: Mini spot light(LED 2pcs)
Your original logo Cutout letters, Cutout letters with LED lighting,
Customized color 600 colors

*There is a possibility that we will change the design and
specification of the machine in the future


1|Green bean inlet

Its compact design puts the inlet at the perfect height?and filling it with green beans becomes quite easy and smooth.

2|Touch panel

Professional roasting can be done fast and easy with just one touch on a panel.

3|Roasting glass

You can see the full process of roasting through the glass walls while enjoying the delicious coffee aroma.

4|Chaff Bottle

The cyclone technology makes coffee silverskin dance beautifully in the chaff bottle.



This machine is very fast and quiet and user-friendly making it accessible even to a person with no experience in roasting.


The heat source is safe and secured (the number of fire accidents is zero in the past 10 years). To minimize the smoke, our machine eliminates the chaff, which is a unique solution in the current market.
These features are making it safe for downtown areas and shopping malls.


It produces very little smoke, so original fruity flavor of specialty coffee beans can be easily brought out. With this roasting program even the beans that are usually roasted with lots.?




Since the foundation of Daiichi Denshi in Kyoto 53years ago, our company policy motto was “Our Technology Is Made By You”. We create automated control machines.
We were able to replicate the roasting process of a craftsman creating a fully automated roaster that can repeat the whole process just by pushing a touch panel. One touch on a button and you become a roasting master.

The most revolutionary thing is that you do not need to hire a professional roaster nor to go through a long and complicated training process, therefore, it is possible to greatly reduce personnel and training expenses.
Knowing how difficult and important is bringing out the taste and smell of coffee during the roasting process, no wonder acquiring professional roaster skills take up to 8 years of training.

We live in an era where chess masters are losing to computers.
For those who tried our product it is obvious that it has already exceeded the skills of expert coffee craftsmen.


You will fall in love at first sight.
We took a process that has always been hidden from your customers and made it into a symbol and pride of your shop, luring people in.

You don’t have to worry anymore about:

  • Not having time for your customers while roasting.
  • Problem of emitting smoke into the residential area during roasting.
  • Complicated process of acquiring neighborhood or house owner’s permission
  • A fact that a professional roaster is absolutely required.

For those reasons, unlike having barista with espresso machines, roasting machines can not be found in stores. As a result, the most common solution up till now was factory roasting. Most of the coffee beans that can be found in today’s coffee shops and cafes actually come from factories.

However, the best solution is placing machines directly in the shop if reducing smoke and noise is possible. Considering the fact that we were able to do that, we have no difficulties in obtaining business licenses even for shopping malls and residential areas. All you have to do now is to arrange raw beans in your showcase and let the customers choose.

What is quite appealing is that customers can now see the whole dynamic process of roasting right in front of them. Those short five minutes where green coffee beans are turning into freshly roasted ones and not wasted. Instead that time is becoming an interesting opening into your customers tasting their own coffee.
Freshness is the most important component of coffee.
Freshness is the time elapsed since coffee has been roasted.

Your customer can easily understand the difference between the coffee that was roasted in some factory far away and freshly roasted beans you can offer in your shop.
Once they try your coffee they can only think “After this,
I can’t drink any other coffee”


In Japan, around 60% of cafes have to close their business just 3 years from the opening. Europe is suffering from similar trend for sure. You must have noticed cafes & bar being closed in your neighborhood on regular bases.

However, the data show that coffee roasteries are not following that trend and their customers are still coming back, demonstrating impressive loyalty.
Overall, there has been an unprecedented specialty coffee boom from US to Asia but it looks like Europe is still lagging behind. We think that this represents a great opportunity for you.

Coffee is already a part of daily lives in Europe which has the strongest coffee culture in the world. Setting a new trend in this kind of environment has a huge upside potential. But if you just continue purchasing roasted coffee beans from some factories in wholesale, you are still facing a gamble which can end badly for your business. Chances against you are 60% and going up.

Today you can find a cheap regular coffee almost anywhere so there is no point trying to compete by providing just more of the same.

However, if you buy raw beans yourself, roast them, sell them online or directly in your shop, your brand as a coffee specialty shop will surely last long.
One of the great secrets to this success is the fact that raw beans are roughly 1/8 of the price of roasted beans.
By taking greater control of the whole process you are stepping away from gambling and start managing your business with great flexibility and smart choices.

“Those days when customers are pleased represent our wealth and make us proud”