How many grams of green coffee bean could roast in each time NOVO MARK II ?
NOVO MARK Ⅱ could roast green beans from 100g to 1kg/each roast.
Is it required preheat before use?
How long will be taken if necessary?
Yes, it necessary. Will be taking 10 min.
Could we roast continuously?
Yes, you could! No required preheat if roast continuously.
NOVO MARK Ⅱ will going to stand-by mode after finish roast each time.
You could roast any time if the machine is stand-by.
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How long will be taken each roasting?
It will be around 5 to 10 min.
Roasting time will change up to bean quantity and your requested roasting revel.
If small quantity bean and set light roasting level, will be earlier,If large quantity bean and set dark roasting level, will be longer.Pre-installed NOVO MARKⅡprogram roasting time is around 5 to 10 mins.

Is there Pre-installed roast program in NOVO MARK II?
We will supply to you with installed total 50 different types of roasting programs.
This program set for different quantity of beans from 100g to 1kg, adjustable by each 100g, And you could choice 5 type of roasting level as below.

1 Cinnamon
2 High
3 City
4 Full City
5 French
Could we edit or add new roast program to NOVO MARK II?
Yes! you can edit pre-installed program and add new program.
Our NOVO MARK Ⅱ is possible register 100 types of program, If using USB device put into NOVO MARK Ⅱ USB port, you can add more types of programs even 100 or 1000.
How details of process of roasting could edit into program?
You could edit 10 separated process setting for 1 roast process, each process could edit temperature, wind power and time ranges. Temperature could adjust 100℃ to 270℃ (212ºF to 518 ºF), wind power adjust by %, time ranges could adjust every single digit unit from 1 second to 999 seconds.
Is it easy to edit program?
Yes, it is!
You just touch the screen subject what you would like to change,
then will appear the number input key, press "ENT" key after input number at last.
There are very simple like set clock alarm on your smart phones.

How long will full filled the chaff bottle?
Reference time is around 1 to 2 days in usual use.
This time range is affected by up to what kind of coffee beans and what roasting level.
It almost impossible full filled the chaff bottle just 1 time roast process, it will filled gradually with few time roast process, please don’t worry.
How often need cleaning the roasting glass?
We advise around 1 to 2 days do cleaning at once.
It also up to how much roasting, and your setting roasting level. Dark roast will come out more oils from bean, it makes easy to get dirty. If you make roast beans always set as Light roast, will be keep clean longer than always make dark roast beans.
Is it easy to be cleaning?
Yes, it very simple!
Usually, cleaning roast machines for industrial use are very bother, but NOVO MARK Ⅱ is very simple and no quired any tools to cleaning!
Do you have consumable goods?
Yes, there has packing and pater filter.

Reference exchange period:exchange once around a year.
Packing is parts for sealing roasting section. If there are no any shredded after 1 year, you can use longer than 1 year.

・Paper filter
Reference exchange period:use 1pack (1pack in 25pcs filters) in a year.
Paper filter use at air intake for cooling roasted beans. Filter absorb oils come out from roast beans, please exchange if it got dirty. Light roast level not come out too much oils from bean, so filter lifetimes will be longer, dark roast level come out more oils from beans, so paper filter lifetimes will be shorter.

About Installation

Need use an anchor to secure?
No need use anchor basically, there are use an adjuster to secure.

Please kindly check below example of installation.

Example of installation.

Is there any equipment to prepare before installation?
Please prepare power supply (200V 3 phases/1phase), out let (female connector), and exhaust port for exhausting air to the outside, or prepare range hood.
You have to apply for 200V (3 phases/1phase) power supply installation to the electric power supply company. Please kindly arrange it earlier, sometimes it takes few weeks to get approve depends on your installation area. The exhaust needs to outdoors, so please installation at under range hood, or installation the exhaust port for NOVO MARK Ⅱ. The exhaust pipe size is φ60, so please prepare up to φ60 exhaust hole and pipes for extend.
Is it required prepare electric power supply before installation?
Yes, please prepare before installation date. We will do test run after installation.
Is it required prepare exhaust port before installation date?
It better prepared before installation date, but contractor may request they construction exhaust port after finish installation NOVO MARK Ⅱ. If so, please make sure we are going to test run open windows, and doors for exhaust.
How long lengths is recommended for exhaust pipe?
We recommend 1 meter.
Please make sure not resistance to exhaust if longer pipe like 2-3 meters.
If it longer than 3 meters, please install fans into pipes for exhaust smoothly.
Could you do construction the exhaust port and electric power supply?
We do not support both installation service, please contact your nearest or intimacy contractor to request.
Could you installation to second floor with only stairs?
It is possible if other condition is satisfied.
NOVO MARK Ⅱ is around 210kgs, so it hard to lift to second floor manually.
If install places has a street could stop crane car, it will be possible to suspend by crane and carry in from the window.

About after service

Do you have repair service if it broken down?
If there were broken down, we or our affiliated contractor will repair it.
Is there have warranty period?
There are 1-year free warranty from install date.
Is it necessary do some special daily maintenance?
Nothing special, it enough just cleans up where you can visible.
For invisible part, we will visit regularly and overhauled if it necessary.
Overhaul is like car inspection, we will disassemble it and do inspection and cleaning.(*Overhaul cost will be required.)
How often required overhaul?
NOVO MARK Ⅱ has counter function to count roasting time. When the total roasted time reach “350 hours” will be appear notice on the touch panel. (Stand-by time is not counted.)
Please contact to DAIICHI DENSHI (our company) if appeared notice, our engineer will visit to your place and do overhaul.
Do you have any parts where easily to broken (or have problem)?
There are not have any parts specially like that. (Please trust our machine!)
NOVO MARK Ⅱ is the third-generation model it has been improved and improved again.
So, this model is hardly getting failure.
How long is the life time?
If you did above overhaul service regularly, we designed it to be able to use like 10 to 20 years.
Is it possible break the glass part?
Yes, it breaks if dropped.
The roasting glass and the chaff bottle were made by glasses, so it may break if dropped.
You could purchase as additional spare parts in advance.
Do you teach me how to use?
Yes, we will teach you all bout basic operations at installation date.
We also prepared user manual in addition. Please don’t worry.

Another question

When started manufacture the coffee roast machine?
We have been manufacturing the roast machine from 2009.
Please check below link for reference.
DAIICHI DENSHI and Roast machine.
Is it get hot around the roast machine?
It will be get hot at roasting part, but it not get hot surrounding.
The roast machine has safety features such as door locks?
Yes, our machine has door locks as standard equipment.
We also have small lock door for the touch panel that could set a dial lock from outside as option offer.
Is it okay any kinds of patterns could be selected for your optional cutting font on the top of roast machine?
We could not accept the patterns.
Because it is cutting fonts, your selectable fonts are limited.
Please kindly contact to us in advance.
How much the cost for electric fee?
We measured in situation that it most use electric power, the cost was around 68JPY per hour.
※ This cost measured value in Kansai Electric Power Department, Japan.

Please check below URL for details.

Case of install our roast machine.

How is the NOVO MARK II doing in sales?
We special thanks to our customer, it has been installed from Hokkaido in north to Kyushu and Okinawa in south of Japan. For overseas, it has been to China, Hong Kong, and Indonesia etc…
Do you have second-hands products?
We do not have second-hands.
How long the delivery time from order?
Estimated delivery time is around 60 days in depends on your order timing.
Please contact to us in advance.
※ If you ordered custom color, we need extra 2 weeks for this process.