Example of installation exhaust pipes

Recommended installation example 1

・It could be reduce indoor smokes and roasting smells.

Example install that connected directly to range hood.

Example install that installed under the range hood.

Example install that extend exhaust pipes to connect upper range hood.

Recommended installation example 2

・It could be come out good roasting fragrance to indoor.
・Exhaust pipes is longer, it effect to roasting.

Common install examples 1

Common install examples 2

Rare case that installed with DIY exhaust pipes at personal residence.

Exhaust outlet from Recommended installation example 2.

Example that make hole and installed outlet on the glass part at entrance.

Exhaust outlet example that out let pipes bends to sideways.

Exhaust outlet example that pipes has 2 side of outlets.

Example exhaust pipes installed easier that connect pipe to the window, etc…

Those installation methods may come indoor smokes and roasting smells.


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